Our Happy Clients

Clients Know Best 

I trust you so much with what you’ve done for my dogs, I’ve put you in my will. They’re stuck to you like Velcro. 
Joni: Corte Madera, CA

Our dogs are always so excited to be staying with you, it’s great! We only wish they would give us a second glance when we drop them off. They can’t wait to get in to see you.
Kevin & Jill: Mill Valley, CA

I’m so glad I found you. I feel safe and relaxed now when I travel, knowing my dog is in such safe and caring hands. He always comes home happy and tired, and can’t wait to see you again. 
Etta: San Anselmo, CA

You’re amazing!
I’m amazed, I can’t believe he changed so fast, and in one visit! I now feel safer going out with my dog, knowing he’s not going to try and attack another dog or person. I’m so glad I called you. 

Katie: San Rafael, CA.

Just had to tell you how pleased both my husband and I are with the results we’ve gotten after putting your training suggestions in to action – and in just one day. I’m thrilled! I feel empowered again in working with my dog and I’ve got my smile back. 
Daisy & Jeff: Greenbrae, CA

You’re a magician!
To think I was going to have him destroyed because two other dog behaviorists told me that was my only option. It’s magic the way you turned my dog around from being aggressive and biting, to this docile, friendly and “wonderful “ dog. 

Jeannette: Kentfield, CA.

You gave me the dog I always wanted!
After having used two other trainers I was at the point of giving up on my dog. I couldn’t take him out for a walk.
You proved me wrong when you brought him back after an hour, and for the first time since I got him 9 months ago I could walk him. I’ve now got the dog I want, and he’s only getting better and better. (The neighbors think I bought a new dog.) You’re worth every penny! 

Richard: Greenbrae, CA

You’re amazing!
We were at odds over keeping our newly adopted dog or getting rid of him. He was making us crazy with his neediness, pacing, food fixation, chasing cars.  We still can’t believe that he changed, almost totally, to the dog we want in only one visit. The tools you gave us work!
Julia & Michael: Santa Rosa, CA

Can’t believe how quickly and with so little effort you were able to get the dogs to respond and calm down. I didn’t believe your coming today would make a difference, but after what I experienced I was wrong. We really appreciate the way you work. Our hands-on learning was the best. You’re fabulous! 
Alicia & Bobby: San Rafael, CA