Maud Trachtenberg, Owner

I am certified in Pet First Aid, Trail Certified, licensed with Marin County Parks and Open Space, and insured through the same company that insures the American Kennel Club owners, trainers and handlers.

Behavioral Consultations and Training

I started training dogs when I was ten years old. Come, sit, stay and lay down was what we did then.

Now I prefer to work with dogs that are at risk, or stressing their humans, making for a disruptive home life. Analyzing the home environment, the interaction between the individual(s) and dog(s), and the dog itself is vital in structuring the right training or rehabilitation plan.

Sometimes all that’s needed is someone to act as an interpreter for the dog and facilitator of newly learned ways for interaction between dog and human. Once you understand your dog better you’ll find it’s easier to accept new ways of working with your dog.

Consultations are done at your home to better understand the total environment and influences creating your dog’s behavior. If you have a family, I prefer to have all family members involved in the process because everyone is influential and will have a role to play in any desired behavioral changes.

I will take the time to listen to you while you tell me of your situation, and will spend time observing your dog in action in order to make an assessment. While I have a deep compassion for the dogs I work with I also must avoid becoming emotionally restrained by their circumstances. This lets me objectively see what’s needed for both your dog and you.

Training can take many different forms and is determined by and dependent on each situation. It can be as simple as moving a dog dish, to weeks of rehabilitation to secure positive results.

I believe no dog is too old to change or learn new behavior if their human is willing and committed to do what it takes to achieve a peaceful, comfortable, rewarding and happy home life with their dog.

Tantalizing treats are a great motivator to get the positive behavior you want, and they work quickly too. Sometimes discipline is necessary and it must be modified to the un-wanted behavior, but should not include corporal punishment.

I always counsel that dogs need a leader, structure, discipline, enough exercise and lots of love to be healthy, balanced and happy. Training should be a combination of all of this, and be provided with understanding to both the dog and their human.

I currently consult and train in the greater Bay Area.


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